Sunday, January 17, 2010


So I realize it's been a while since I actually posted about how we all are. And also about Christmas!

To start off, both Jon and Aiden have successfully finished their 1st semester of school! I am so proud of both my boys. Jon is surpassing even my expectations with how well he is doing! I mean I knew he would do fantastic, but he has also been nominated for President of the whole Pharmacy school! Elections are this month, so you can imagine how busy he is. He is also helping to plan a Gala for the school, that is in February. So until the end of February we won't be seeing much of him. I know I say this often, but I am soooooo happy for Jon. He is finally living his long life dream! Some people never get the chance to live out their dream, and I am so thankful that his time has come!

Now on to Christmas! We had an awesome one this year. And it's surprising because we toned it down with the gifts this year. Aiden's big gift "from santa" was a Nintendo DS. He was/is so stoked about it! He also got pj's, hats, and some books. As well as games to go with his DS. Owen's big gift was a Geo Trax train track set. Which to this day he has not stopped playing with it! Santa did a good job. Owen also got pj's, hats, and some books. Now Jon and I had an agreement that all we were going to get each other was stocking stuffers. So imagine my surprise when I have a gift under the tree, that ends up being a Kindle! I was so excited, and leave it to Jon to get the upper hand! All he ended up with were some hats, scarves, and pj's. Lame!
Christmas was also different this year, because usually we go down to SLC to my Uncle's Christmas breakfast, but it's getting hard to get down there. So Jon and I decided to have breakfast at our house, with my dad's family. It was so nice not to have to go anywhere. We all stayed in our pj's the whole day! But I was upset to find that EVERYONE else from my mom's side was at my Uncle's breakfast. Cousins I haven't seen forvever, and even my own 1/2 brother's who I haven't seen in over a year were there. So that was a big disappointment, but my boys were ecstatic not to leave. So they could play with all their stuff.

We had a nice break with Jon off school ,and it was awesome to spend time with him. But now both Aiden and Jon have gone back to school, so it's back to my daily grind. Owen is back in Preschool, and he is having a hard time. He has been really clingy lately, and with Jon being home for 3 weeks, I think he got used to being home. So going back to Preschool/Daycare was not his favorite idea. He has also hit the Terrible 3 stage in his development. Which I am absolutely thrilled about! (Can you sense the sarcasm?)

We are all now just getting over having colds. Owen's of course turned into croup. But with his asthma, he doesn't get just a cold. And he is taking the longest to recover, as usual. But at least we are on the upper side of recovery now. We also have a new addition in our house. A new kitty, her name is Ellie. We are so happy to have a kitty in the house again. Now we just have to teach Owen the meaning of "being soft" with her.

Well I guess that's enough for now. I'm sure there are things I forgot to mention, but if I remember I will save that for the next post.

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