Friday, July 11, 2008

Harmons Lagoon Day!

Here is Aiden (riding his very first lagoon without mommy or daddy) and his cousin Spencer riding Dinosaur Drop (the kids version of the Rocket). I rode this with Aiden last year and he loved it. This year he was terrified! He cried the whole time he was on it. When he got off, he said "Mommy I want you to ride it with me next time". The pic above was taken before the ride started.

This water slide was the first ride Jon took Aiden on when we got to the park. What a HUGE mistake! Aiden loved it so much he wanted to ride it again, and cried when we told him he had to go on other rides! By the end of the day I gave in and went on it again with him.

Here is Aiden riding the Swings (kids version). He liked it. He wanted me to ride with him, but I told him mommy would get sick to her tummy if I did.

Aiden riding bumper cars. This was perfect for him. He could crash as many times as he wanted and never get hurt! He thought it was so funny to run into his cousins, Spencer and Chandler. He was actually a really good driver. Probably cause he plays Burnout on our Xbox 360.

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