Friday, July 11, 2008


We went to Lagoon on Wednesday for Harmons Lagoon Day. Jon, Aiden, and I (Owen stayed home with Grandma Carlene) went with Brandon, Kathie, Spencer, and Chandler. It was so much fun! We all had such a blast! Aiden never wanted to leave. We all took the Front Runner to the Farmington Station, and then Lagoon has a free shuttle bus that picks you up and takes you to Lagoon. It was so cool, not to have to worry about driving or parking!

Riding the Ferris Wheel with Daddy, Spencer, and Chandler. Kathie, Brandon, and I were waiting in line to ride the Sky Coaster.

Jon was so awesome, he took the all 3 boys and rode on the rides while we waited in line for the Sky Coaster. He is too chicken to ride it with me. (Love you Honey)


Brandon and Kathie said...

I want to thank Jon for taking my boys with him on the rides. I am happy that they have such a great Uncle and Aunt. Even if it hurt my feelings a bit that they would rather be with you guys. Lagoon just gets better and better!

Wally said...

Come on honey, be honest. The only reason I didn't ride the Sky Coaster was you three were too scared to try the ferris wheel and that was the only thing the kids could talk about. I'll tell you what, you guys totally wussed out on the most exciting ride the have at Lagoon.