Friday, February 6, 2009

Yeah for New Camera!!

I got a new camera! It is a Canon Rebel XS. I'm not sure about all the details, yet. Jon did a lot of research and said this was a really great camera to start out with. We weren't planning on getting a new camera yet. But we went to Circuit City and their cameras were 30% off. And they only had 1 left of the Rebel XS. So we decided to snag it before someone else did. I am really excited to learn about photography. I am planning on taking some sort of class to learn more about it. So I should be posting some pics this weekend, hopefully.

I just want to thank Jon for all of the time he took to do all the research regarding cameras. I'm not good with that sort of stuff, but he is amazing. He is a computer genius! Thanks, babe I love you!

Also, thanks to all those who responded to my emails and facebook regarding cameras. All the input was great! Thanks again!


Pam Emmons said...

You will love it! I have something similar, from Nikon. That's what I use for all my photos, so now you can take your own "professional" pics of your boys!

Marly said...

make sure you take a class on how to use your camera and then a photography class.
I got the Rebel xsi and still haven't figure out exactly what everything is. Then I need to take a class for my editing program. all this fun learning!

Jackie said...

A fun/good place that has free classes is Pictureline in Salt Lake. Or look on you tube, lots of info there! Yeah for new toys!