Saturday, April 4, 2009

Am I a Bad Mom?

Or is this what all kids clothing looks like after only a few months? Or is it just boys clothing? These are Aiden's pants. Eventually he would grow out of them anyway, but I would've figured they would have lasted a bit longer. I don't plan on buying him new clothes until just before he starts kindergarten. So he will just have to wear these rags, I guess. Is that mean?

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Marly said...

You should buy their pants at shopko. Make sure you get a very normal pair and not toddler sizes and you can exchange them before they grow out of them. I bought Jayden some pants, probably a year ago and I think I've traded them in 4 times. I bought two pair, two sizes too big for him and he's worn them out so much! It's nice because I bought some levi strauss, $18 jeans, two pairs and I've basically gotten 8 pairs of jeans for $40.
The greatest thing. Once Jayden outgrows them, Connor will wear them and I will get to trade them in with him.
Like I said, get a pair that are just regular looking. No wide leg, boot cut or carpenter. You have to exchange them for the exact same style and size. If they no longer make that style or they don't have them in stock, you're stuck with holy pants.