Sunday, April 5, 2009

My Birthday

My bday was a few weeks ago and I turned 29. I know, gasp. Anyway it was kind of like a week long celebration, which I was totally fine with. The Saturday before my bday my friends came over and we ate pizza and played games. My friend Aprill got me these flowers. Then Monday my actual bday, my awesome co-workers got me a gift card to Striders! Then J.J. one of my pharmacists made me Better than Sex Cake, it was delicious! Then to my surprise later that day Jon shows up at my work with these books and an Ice Cream Cake. It was awesome!! My mom-in-law got me a gift card to Old Navy, which was much needed! Then the Saturday after my bday, Twilight came out on DVD. So my bf Lois and I had a sleepover at her house and watched the movie and painted our toenails, and ate a ton of junk. It was a great week, thank you to everyone who made it so special!

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