Thursday, April 8, 2010

Pantry Spring Cleaning

I have decided to clean out my food pantry. I am going to (try) to feed my family on the food in my pantry for 1 month. I am sick of going to the store every week so I'm willing to give anything a try. I went to the store today and stocked up on our essentials, like bread, meats, cheese, yogurt and milk. I am really really hoping I can make it the whole month. But I am also asking your help. If any of you have any recipes that might help stretch out the month, that'd be awesome! I would love any support I can get. Wish me luck!


Darci said...

what's in your pantry?

Andie said...

Oh boy, I've got Stove top, pasta ronis, canned soups and broths. Wheat and white flour, sugar, bisquick, instant rice, canned fruit/veggies, cereal, different sorts of pastas, and pasta sauces, canned chili, canned tomatoes, quick oats, instant potatoes. Real potatoes, instant oatmeal, and then things like crackers and fruit snacks. Then I have a huge freezer in my basement with frozen veggies/fruit, and different kinds of meats.

Darci said...

sorry i don't know of any magic recipes that use all those things ;) it's hard for me too- i'm excited to check your new recipe blog!