Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Trip to the Zoo.......Again

Yes, I love the zoo, and we go quite a bit!!
I went to the Zoo with my Sisters last Thursday. And between the 3 of us we have 6 boys (all under the age of 6, and no girls), so it was a little crazy, but so much fun. I don't get to see Amber and her boys too often, cause they often live out of the country. So it was very fun to have us all together. The boys had a blast too, of course. They are such goofballs when they get together.

Aiden, Spencer, and Chandler being goofy!

This is Gabriel, who is Amber's oldest. He is so freakin cute!

You all know Owen.

And this is Christian, Amber's youngest. He is such a doll!


Marly said...

We should totally go to the zoo. Are you going to the Boo at the Zoo this Saturday?

Andie said...

No we aren't.