Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Owen is 2!!!

It has been an amazing 2 years! Look at the difference in these 2 photos! Our little man has gone through a lot in his first 2 years. Obviously starting with his heart surgery. Then RSV, then countless ear infections, then tubes in his ears. And he has had a never ending cough since he was born. Lets hope things settle down a bit now!
So we started out the birthday bash with a trip to the zoo. Owen had so much fun. The giraffes were by far his favorite. And of course the train, but duh, that's a give in with Owen. There is nothing he loves more than trains. Real trains, toy trains, trains on t.v. It doesn't matter, he loves them all! Owen is a very easy going toddler. So different than Aiden. Sometimes I can't believe how different their personalties are. But I'm glad, because they are unique. Owen is still cuddly, which I love. He still has to have his bottle, which I don't love. He is a very picky eater, and a picky dresser as well. He always has to pick his t-shirt in the morning, or he throws a tantrum. He also gets into EVERYTHING. And I mean, everything! We used to just shut all the doors, but now he knows how to open them! We are in trouble!
We are so grateful to Owen in our lives. It took a lot to keep him here, and we are so thankful to everyone at PCMC, Davis Hospital, and our family and friends, who helped us through those first few weeks. And who are still helping. We love you guys! Happy Birthday Owen! We love you!

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Marly said...

I remember seeing him so sweet with all those tubes. He has certainly come so far!