Friday, May 29, 2009

New news

Just a few developments, I thought I would share.
First: Owen has been diagnosed with Asthma. We have thought for sometime that he had it. But the Doctor had said that it is hard to diagnose under the age of 2. But at Owen's 2 year checkup the Doctor confirmed it. We have started him on Flovent, and so far he has had a major improvement! He is able to run and play without having to stop and cough! Its the first time in his 2 years of life that he has gone more than a few hours without coughing! Yay!
Second: We have decided NOT to send Aiden to the Davis Prep Academy. I was excited at first about him going, but after a few days, I got a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach (intuition, I guess). Jon and I talked and talked and finally decided to have him go to Lakeside elementary instead. Aiden is ecstatic! He is so excited to go to school with his neighborhood friends, and to be able to ride the bus! I feel a lot better with our decision, and I know that Aiden will thrive no matter what!
Third: You will all think I am a dork, but the official New Moon trailer will be available to watch online anytime after 10:45pm on Sunday May 31st! Or for any of you that have cable (I do not), you can catch the trailer on the MTV Movie awards Sunday May 31st.


Carrie M. said...

Yea for New Moon! I am soooo excited that I can hardly stand it! Glad to hear that Owen is doing better. Cute little chub!

Rachael said...

What a great birthday present. Jk. Hey my fam is having a get together for my b-day at my mom's saturday at 6. Please come if you can.

Wally said...