Thursday, June 11, 2009

1/2 Marathon

So I realized I hadn't posted anything on my first 1/2 marathon. There are other photos of me running the course, but I'd have to buy them, and I didnt want to. But I had such a blast! I will definitely be running 1/2 marathon's again. I ran this one in 2:38:56. It was a lot better than I thought I would do. My mom was so proud, as you can tell from the photo below. I ran it with my good friend Wendy, from work. She was amazing too! She makes a great running partner, and I hope we can continue to run together in the future. As I crossed the finish line I had Jon, my mom, my mil, Aiden, and Owen waiting for me. It was awesome to have them there to support me. Thanks guys! I am thinking about running another 1/2 marathon the end of August, but have not yet decided. I injured my knee pretty good after the Ogden 1/2, and I haven't been running on it since. I think I've been scared to, cause I don't want to hurt it again. But I love running, its a great passion for me, and relieves a lot of stress, so I'm sure I'll be back to it soon......if this weather ever improves.

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