Thursday, May 14, 2009

Update on Things

So I haven't posted any pics for awhile because Jon has been in the process of building a new computer. But it is up and running now, and I should have some new pictures to post soon. But here's an update on whats been going on with us.

Jon has moved up in the Pharmacy world and is now an Intern. What that means is he is now able to perform all duties of a Pharmacist, with the expection of doing the final check on all prescriptions. That doesn't happen til he is a 4th year intern. But it is a very exciting step for him. He now gets to wear a blue smock at Harmons instead of white. I am so proud of him and all that he has accomplished so far. Jon has also been working 3 jobs. He still works for Harmons in Roy, and now in Ogden. And also works for Target once a week. He has been working so hard. Again I am so proud of him. I love you babe!

Aiden as you know turned 5 recently and is so happy to be starting kindergarten in the fall. We just found out yesterday that he has been accepted into the North Davis Prep Academy. It is a charter school in Layton. We are very happy that he got in, because we believe that it will be a great opportunity for him. The class sizes are smaller, spanish is part of the curriculum, and they have to wear uniforms. And the best part is, that its free! All I have to do is volunteer some of my time to help out at the school. I am so excited!

Owen is about to turn 2 in a couple of weeks, and is fully showing his toddler age. He is very opioniated and won't let me sit down for second, unless its to play trains with him. He is OBSESSED with trains. I have never seen anyone who likes them more, besides my father-in-law. He loves playing outside, and he loves to eat. He's a very picky eater, but if it has carbs or dairy in it, he'll eat it! He is my little Bubba.

As for me, I am running my first 1/2 marathon on Saturday. I am SO nervous! Besides training for that, I am still working full-time. And spend all my free time playing with my family or reading books. Well thats it folks. There's your update. I will be working on posting some new pictures soon. Ta Ta for now.


Marly said...

Very cool he got into the charter school. I am going to miss that this next year. I loved having uniforms! I have some khaki pants if you want them. I'm hoping we can get into a charter school next year, but who knows. We'll try again. We'd have them go to the same one they're already going to, but we're moving 30 minutes away and its just too hard to drive them that far every day.

Darci said...

wow good job on the marathon- you looked great when i saw you the other day- sorry i was such a brat i didn't even say goodbye when i left! i almost went back in to say it but my kids driving me nuts...yay for your hubby too!