Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Big Day

So tomorrow is the BIG day for Aiden. He starts Kindergarten at Lakeside Elementary. I am so excited for him! But also so nervous! I haven't had a good night sleep for awhile, because I keep having nightmares that he gets kidnapped or lost, or doesn't get on the right bus. I'm hoping all these things are normal and I'm not overreacting. But how do you become ok with sending your child away to school. Where for the first time you have no control over what he sees and hears. Not saying that I am super controlling, but I at least know who he plays with, what he watches, and what kind of language he uses. I guess ultimately it comes down to trust. Trust that Jon and I have done the best to teach him how to act. And trust that he will make the right decisions. You're all probably thinking, geez its only Kindergarten. But to me, its a whole new world for Aiden. So its a BIG deal! I will be taking a photo of him tomorrow with his first day of school outfit and backpack. So I will post how his first day went tomorrow.

Aiden, I love you and I know you will do great in school. Good luck buddy! I will miss you.


Rachael said...

Our baby's are growing up:( We'll get through this together. We will just have to remember all the times they are naughty and maybe that will make it less hard on us!! Sp excited and proud of Jon. Good luck tomorrow to both your boys.

Darci said...

i will have serious anxiety too...kaden is just starting preschool! i felt kind of the same way the fist time he went to a playdate without me.

Kristianne said...

I haven't put either of my kids in school yet but I get those nerves worked up when I do I hope that he enjoys it and good luck to Jon! Nate starts school too. I will miss him