Saturday, March 19, 2011

Uncle Pat

My Uncle Pat (middle) went into respiratory failure earlier this week. Complications during kidney stone surgery. It took the Doctors almost 25 minutes to revive him. Since then he has been on a ventilator. His family has chosen to take out his ventilator and let him be at peace. My family is having a VERY hard dealing with this. My Dad (left) is the oldest of 4 boys. It goes my Dad, Pat, Scott (deceased), and Kelly (right). My Dad can not fathom losing another brother. He and Grandma both feel that they should've gone first. I can not even begin to understand what my Grandma and Dad are going through. Tomorrow is going to be, putting it mildly, a VERY rough and trying day for my family.

When I think of my Uncle Pat, he reminds me of a real life Santa Claus. He is always so happy and full of life, a right Jolly Old Elf. His smile and laugh can literally take your breath away and make you instantly happy. He never says a harsh word to you, and he never judges you. And he just has this way of making you feel better, even when you didn't know anything was wrong in the first place. I will miss him SO MUCH and the thought of never seeing him again makes my heart break. So I'm going to stop writing now because the tears have started. I love you so much Uncle Pat, and I hope to someday see you again. I will miss your smiling face, your infectious laugh and your engulfing bear hugs.

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