Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah's 50th Bday Bash

Jon was trying to be cool, and show us all a "bar trick". He was going to use a dollar bill as a bottle opener. Didn't go over too well, actually, so he ended up using a real bottle opener. So much for the cool bar trick, honey.

Below we have Jon and my brother Brandon, who got ambushed by a bunch of little kids with water balloons. You can't really tell, but they were pretty soaked.

Brandon and I trying to wrestle in the kids bouncy castle. I say trying cause we weren't very successful at taking each other down. The kids got bored waiting for us so they jumped in to help. Then our sister Amber joined us, so we had 3 adults, and 3 kids altogether. It was crazy for a minute, but really fun.

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