Friday, August 29, 2008


So Stephenie Meyer was in the process of writing Midnight Sun, which for those of you who don't know is a version of Twilight, written in Edwards perspective instead of Bella's. She had posted an unfinished rough draft of the first chapter on her website. It was amazing! Even better than the original Twilight. Well some (excuse my language here) asshole decided to leak what she had written so far, and now she is saying that she has put the project on hold indefinitely. She says that she know who leaked it, and is too upset to even think of finishing it now. Meaning it was probably someone close to her! Stupid jerk, couldn't wait until she finished it to see what happens. Now its ruined forever, and we'll never know. As you can tell, I am very pissed off about this new development. I was hoping in the future she will change her mind, and finish it. But then I found out that instead of having her fans get the unifinished version illegally, she has posted it on her website to read. I for one am not going to do so, because now knowing it will never be finished, I can not read it knowing that fact. I was really looking forward to Midnight Sun, even more so than Twilight, because it was soooooo much better. Damnit!!!!!

P.S. I am sorry if any of my swearing offends anyone, but I am really pissed off!!

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