Friday, August 29, 2008

Trip to the Zoo

Aiden riding the new Carousel. He wanted to ride it again and again, but at $2 a ride, once was enough for my wallet! Believe it or not Owen was there too, but Jon and I only took these 3 pictures, the whole time!! We all had such a good time. It was nice to get out of the house and spend some time together as a family. Our favorite part I think was watching the elephant show. They have trained the elephants to kick a soccer ball, pick up recycling, and know the difference between trash and recyclables! Amazing, if the elephants can recycle then so can everyone else! Owen and Aiden laughed when the elephant was kicking the soccer ball, they thought it was really cool. And the tiger is one of my favorites, I can't believe how close we got. It was really cool!

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Nisa and Colby said...

Fun stuff! I love the zoo. I took Corbin when he was six months, he was still too little to really appreiciate it, but we are going to San Diego in Oct. so hopefully he'll be more in to it by then. I love the pic with Aiden on the carousel. Your kids are so cute!
PS. Thanks for your note on my blog. It meant a lot.